The Record Museum is a celebration of the record album. It is a portable, mobile museum with galleries to peruse as one might shop for used records: An interactive installation that we call “musee dans une caisse”. Each gallery – or crate – will contain a rotating program dedicated to exploring the artistry and history of the record album. Programs will highlight and explore such topics as: cover art, label design, album construct, sleeve art & design and artist's lyrics & art.


An Incomplete History of The Interactive Record

All records are interactive. You listen. You handle. You read. That’s plenty of interaction. Now leave me to my dinner party, my date, my soul crushing anxiety and microwave snack. However, since the earliest days of the LP, the medium has challenged us to engage with the source material in curious and rewarding ways. This program focuses on four areas of “interaction”:

Part One – “Get On the Mic” Listener becomes participant with these style of records. Promotional interview LP’s for the DJ; instrumentals minus a part for a specific instrument; dramatic dialogue featuring stars of the day; breaks for sampling.

Part Two – “It’s Educational!” Instructional and how-to records to improve your life. Demo albums for the optimal high fidelity experience.

Part Three – “Cut Along the Dotted Line” Album sleeves and inserts that invited the listener to transform them into something new and fun; breakfast cereal box 45s; and more. Perforate for fun!

Part Four – “Idle Hands” Album sleeves creatively designed to be interacted with with minimal effort. Or perhaps under the influence...

2023 Exhibition dates and times: TBD

Curator: John Philip Hamilton



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